About Us

Warning and Defense for Electronic Industries Company is a Saudi private company, with headquarter in Saudi Capital Riyadh, specializes in research and development of advanced electronic and defense systems. We aim to render services to our customers in different sectors of defense, aviation, transportation , IT, communication and energy. WDEI provides technological planning, electronic systems development for the services of scientific, engineering and technical support, defense systems and electronic war, detection of landmines. WDEI also provides scientific, engineering and technical support and assistance for the development and analysis of systems and concepts. Company's Functions include design and development of air war systems technologies, in addition to provide and process radar information resolutions, management and development of defense technology contracts.

Our Vision

WDEI is Saudi company with national qualifications. "WDEI" Is a leader to harnessing exclusive technologies with competitive global standards and strive to build sustainable partnerships that will be contribute to the realization of the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Our Message

By focusing primarily on the needs of the Stakeholders and achieve their satisfaction by provide high-value-added technical solutions and products with international specifications in security solutions, advanced defense systems and energy. In a renewed and sustainable development as well as providing support, maintenance, research and innovation services In accordance with best practices, global methodologies and corporate values.